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Managing director

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Hermann Maier, CEO gridlab GmbH

Over 20 years of CFD expertise in the modelling of single-phase and multi-phase flows
since 1997 numerous studies about different types of industrial plants using CFD methods , especially flue gas cleaning plants: FGD, SCR-DeNOx, Dedusting and more
– Chemical engineering studies (University of Technology Graz),
– Diploma thesis at DLR in Cologne (Germany) regarding solar technology (CSP) and solar chemistry
– PhD thesis at University of Technology Graz dealing about multiphase flow modelling of FGD spray towers (environmental technology)
2005 Start-Up of gridlab
2006 Winner of i2b-Award, main category ‚Technology & Innovation‘
2015 Nomination for Austrian Award for Information and Consulting

About us

gridlab – Great Ideas Laboratory – is known for long-term experience and know-how regarding optimisation of industrial plants using CFD methods. With respect to the goals of our clients we find sophisticated solutions increasing the efficiency of key units and processes.

Our services include consulting, developing and engineering of improved plant designs as well as validation and evaluation of improvements at site – with a minimum of requirements & costs.

We also support our clients by our expertise in process engineering and CAD engineering. Especially in the field of flue gas cleaning of large units (DeSOx, DeNOx, dedusting) we can provide clear solutions based on long-term experience of our team.

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Our competences

gridlab is specialised in the optimisation of industrial plants and technical processes with a focus on improving heat and mass transfer. These transport processes can become very complex in real plants and often decide about success or failure.


Questions & Answers

At the beginning of an optimisation project there are often questions about terms of fluid mechanics or their influence in practice. Some short answers.

  • CFD
  • dispersed multi-phase flows
  • spray characteristics
  • single-phase flow
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Digital Twin
  • FGD plant
  • Dedusting
  • DeSOx
  • DeNOx

Computational Fluid Dynamics, solving the transport equations by a numerical approach

dispersed multi-phase flows

Multi-phase flows involving a dispersed phases (in general particles, droplets, bubbles)

spray characteristics

Specific properties of spray nozzles at operational conditions that can be measured in laboratory (e.g. droplet size distribution).

single-phase flow

Flow conditions of a single phase of fluid (in general in liquid or gas)


Relation between result and goal; generally describes the yield of a process.


Relation between result and effort (or costs), generally describes the economic viability of a process

Digital Twin

Digital model of an existing plant

FGD plant

Flue gas desulphurisation plant


Industrial removal of dust in flue gas


Flue gas cleaning of sulphur oxides (SO2, SO3)


Flue gas cleaning of nitrogen oxides (NOx)

  • SCR Denox
  • HVAC
  • Multi-phase flows
  • Navier-Stokes-equation
  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Flow optimisation
  • Flow simulation
  • Turbulence modelling
  • Environmental technology
  • Process engineering
  • Residence time distribution (RTD)
SCR Denox

Selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides


Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning

Multi-phase flows

Multi-phase flows involving a several distinguishable phases (in general liquids, gases, particles)


One of the fundamentals transport equations in fluid dynamics, i.e. it’s describing the momentum transfer.

Heat and mass transfer

Transport processes for mass and energy that have a strong impact on processes in plants. They are often governed by fluid dynamics.

Flow optimisation

Optimisation of flow conditions in plants considering different production goals and increasing operational conditions

Flow simulation

Simulation of flow conditions using CFD methods

Turbulence modelling

Important model for describing turbulent dynamic flows which play a key role in technical processes.

Environmental technology

Technical processes & technology about environmental protection, i.e. flue gas cleaning, waste water treatment or reprocessing of waste materials

Process engineering

Engineering science dealing about technical processes for transforming raw material and energy into products

Residence time distribution (RTD)

Important parameter for continuous processes that indicates the typical residence time of fluids in a unit



Reininghausstraße 13
8020 Graz, Österreich
+ 43 316 225 106

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