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High-Temperature Mixer for Boilers

High-temperature mixers improve the heat transfer in flame tubes of industrial heating and steam boilers. They sustainably reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and plant damages by vibrations or similar.

Efficiency by turbulence

  • Sustainable fuel savings
    and CO2-reduction (5-15%)
  • Reduction of damages and vibrations
  • Quick installation and amortisation
  • Scalable solution (up to 40 MW)
  • H2-ready – nearly independent
    of fuel type or boiler design
  • Patented design

How efficient is your boiler?

Efficiency measurement of 3-pass boilers

The efficiency improvement of industrial boilers can be measured during regular operation by using gridlab’s combined measurement method. This involves a nearly complete heat energy balance and analysis of energy savings (according to DIN EN 12953-11).

Gridlab Heizkessel



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