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R&D – Contract Research

Today CFD modelling is a powerful tool for new technical developments. It helps investigating and testing the effectiveness of new prototypes or units at an early stage. We are looking forward to support you with our experience and know-how.

R&D project – Development of prototype for cooling process in steel industry

Task: Investigation and flow analysis of a cooling process in steel industry, development of a new prototype design to increase the efficiency of spray water cooling

Scope of work:

  • CFD modelling and investigation of the current design
  • Design & development of a prototype intensifying the cooling process.
  • CAD detail engineering of the new design
  • Supervising & consulting during implementation & experimental design


R&D-project – Development of a static mixer design for industrial boilers

Task: Investigation, flow analysis and optimisation of detailed heat transport in 3-pass industrial boilers.
Development of a high-temperature mixer internals saving fuels and increasing boiler efficiency

Scope of work:

  • CFD modelling and detailed flow analysis of combustion process & heat transport in boilers
  • Investigation, optimisation and scale up of the mixer’s design
  • Development of a new measurement concept for examining boiler efficiency.

CFD Modellierung

R&D project – Investigation and optimisation in stirring tanks

Investigation and flow analysis of stirring tanks and impeller design with respect to different process goals (suspension, homogenisation, etc.) and target parameters (i.e. mixing time, power number).

Scope of work:

  • CFD modelling and flow analysis of stirred vessel designs
  • Development of a new stirrer design improving target parameters
  • CAD basic engineering regarding the new impeller design


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