Process Engineering


Simulation instead of trial & error

The analysis & flow optimisation of complex single-phase and multi-phase flows in industrial plants is our strength.

gridlab can identify technical risks and often achieve several significant improvement goals (e.g. product yield, energy savings, partial load capability) sustainably & simultaneously by using CFD-methods. Significant improvements can often be reached by moderate changes in the plant – as well as for new plant project or for enhancing the performance of existing plants.

High-End CFD-solutions for Flue Gas Cleaning

Especially in the optimisation of flue gas cleaning units gridlab has many years of experience – no matter if there are high flue gas volumes, high concentrations or temperatures.

Key processes and units:

  • Flue gas desulphurisation
    (FGD, DeSOx)
  • EGCS scrubber (Open Loop, Hybrid Loop)
  • Denitrification (SCR DeNOx)
  • Dedusting
    (bag house filter, ESP)
  • Regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO)

gridlab – Doing things right

Process Engineering

Proving mass & energy balances,

Design &Engineering of flow charts

Support for technical specifications of key components, technical tenders, documentation, or similar


Engineering of basic & detail drawings, piping, P&ID and steel construction.

Application fields
flue gas cleaning:

  • tanker ships & large engines
  • Thermal power plants
  • Waste incineration & bio mass

Manufacturing industry (Steel, cement, refineries, pulp&paper and more)



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