Energy Technology


CFD study calciner in cement industry

CFD modelling and investigation of the multiphase flow in a fluidised bed (calciner) for cement production.

Scope of work:

  • CFD modelling of the multiphase flow conditions in the calciner.
  • Investigation of feed positions for raw meal and substitute fuels
  • Computation residence time distribution of raw meal and combustion air.


Examination & Optimisation Flow Conditions Heat Exchanger

CFD modelling and investigation reducing damages and scaling upstream of heat exchanger

Scope of work:

  • CFD modelling and trouble-shooting regarding damages in the unit
  • Development of an improved flow design
  • CAD engineering for implementation of the revamping
  • Supervising during revamping


  • No damages at heat tubes anymore
  • Minimisation of scaling
  • Increased plant availability
  • Energy savings due to reduced pressure loss



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